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Managing Information and Communication Overload

Resource Author:  Jeff Davidson
Resource Name:  Managing Information and Communication Overload
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Overload leads to Waste
Here are various proclamations about wasted time, resources, and days; sad if even half true!

* Americans waste 9 million hours per day searching for misplaced items.
* The average adult spends 16 hours a year searching for lost keys.

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Attention Management

Resource Date:  4/29/2010
Resource Name:  Color Usage Research Lab/NASA Ames Research Center
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Users’ attention span often can’t cover all of the information that modern display systems are capable of presenting. Designers can maximize the usability of the displayed information by directing the users’ attention to the highest priority data. This page discusses some of the relevant concepts involved in attention management.

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After Years of Study, Research Now Reveals it is Possible to Reboot Your Brain

Resource Author:  Kelly Howell
Resource Date:  3/30/2010
Resource Name:  Brain Sync.
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Does the brain you were born with have to be the brain you end up with? If you can improve the function of every major organ in the body, why can’t you upgrade the function of your brain? Those fundamental questions were the motivation that led Kelly Howell to create Brain Sync.

With over 2 million audio programs in print, Kelly Howell’s clinically proven Brainwave Therapy is used in prestigious hospitals, clinics and by physicians and psychologists throughout the world. This breakthrough technology can literally help reboot and reprogram the brain to achieve a higher level of focus, creativity and intelligence.

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Drowning in Information? You’re Not Alone

Resource Author:  Jonathan Spira
Resource Date:  8/11/2009
Resource Name:  The Huffington Post
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Information overload describes an excess of information that results in the loss of ability to make decisions, process information, generate ideas, and prioritize and complete tasks. It renders us unable to absorb all of the information being thrust at us and some of what we miss may very well be useful or important.

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Top Ten Ways to Handle Email Overload

Resource Author:  Michael Angier
Resource Date:  3/1/2010
Resource Name:  Success Networks
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One of the biggest problems we face today is handling large quantities of information. Our technology and access to information is impressive but it’s a double-edged sword. It fills our minds and our lives with clutter. The challenge is to sort, filter, organize, discard and assimilate the massive amounts of data we’re exposed to on a daily basis. On an average day I receive over 150 emails—some days as many as 500. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. So what are we to do? Here are a few things I’ve found to help me manage my inbox better.

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Information Overload Research Group

Resource Date:  1/1/2007
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We work together to understand, publicize and solve the information overload problem. We do this by (1) defining and building awareness of information overload, (2) facilitating and funding collaboration and advanced research aimed at shaping solutions and establishing best practices, and (3) serving as a resource center where we share information and resources, offer guidance and connections, and help make the business case for fighting information overload.

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