De-clutter your news feed, your sympathetic nervous system will thank you!

Today’s IORG Guest Post is from Ingrid Pope, executive coach and professional mind de-clutterer. Ingrid’s mission is to de-clutter the world of everything that gets in the way of our effectiveness, our focus, and our life by creating space to think, to work, to live.

Many of us are addicted to news nowadays. We want to stay on top of current events, especially those that might impact us directly, and we want to be able to join in on conversations. But is all that news good for us? Quite often, we consume news as a distraction, and we give our attention to anything that catches our eye and draws us in. We consume much of our news online, and are at the mercy of the addictive nature of the platforms we use.

And let’s face it, most of the time the news is bad. Actually, it’s bad by design. It’s mean to cause us stress and fear, because then we’ll continue reading. It’s a business model.

We know that prolonged states of stress are not good for us. We are often already stressed by a number of other factors in our lives (work, children, difficult relationships etc…), and our over-consumption of news is adding to the list.

So let’s consider our current news reading, check in if we are happy with our behavior, and see about shifting something if needed. Let’s regain our agency and focus, and not be at the mercy of a profit-making industry that is detrimental to our health.

You can find a longer article on the topic here:

I would love to hear how you de-clutter your news feed, do get in touch!

Ingrid Pope