Information Overload – Nature’s Voice

Nature’s Voice: Health and Humanities by Piero Formica is a deep and enlightening essay spanning the ages from Socrates to current day with an emphasis on the importance of the symbiotic relationship between humankind and nature. A gentle reminder that nature is a partner, we are guests on this planet. We learn from history that we do not learn from history. We learn from Socrates that we know nothing as information can be uncertain. More profoundly, as for the universe, so for the human body, most of it is invisible to normal light.

The world of facts no longer provides reassurances it once did. Modern day society is drowning in information yet starving for wisdom. The internet tricks us to confuse facts and data for cognition, mistaking data for knowledge as data is divorced from the human stories and narrative, just as mankind is divorced from nature. It is with blind faith that we glorify and surrender to data without the humility of creative ignorance, without listening to the voice of nature, we clog creativity and innovation. Misinformation drives people’s tendency to reject new knowledge that contradicts existing beliefs. The difficulty does not lie in new ideas, but in escaping the old. We need synthesizers and collators to pull the right information together at the right time with context and value.

Piero’s essay is a call to arms to achieve synchronicity of humankind and nature in a collective response to the world’s challenges. We are in the heart of a new era of imagination, creativity and intuition, a new renaissance in the age of Aquarius.  Through the humility of creative ignorance, we have freedom to innovate and challenge the perceived expert status quo, we can create new ways of thinking and seeing to generate a rebirth of humanity.

Nature’s Voice