Interrupt the overload!

Today’s IORG Guest Post is from Ingrid Pope, executive coach and professional mind de-clutterer.  Ingrid’s mission is to de-clutter the world of everything that gets in the way of our effectiveness, our focus, and our life  by creating space to think, to work, to live.

Very often, overload is something that happens to us.

We can be overloaded with information that is sent to us, landing in our inboxes or demanding our attention by the means of notifications pinging away. Or we might be overwhelmed by the number of thoughts torpedoing around in our heads, seemingly relentless and keeping us awake at night. Sometimes it can be our emotions that overwhelm us by taking over, and we react to people or situations in a way that we might later regret.

In any case, some form of control has slipped away from us. I’ve written before about “who’s in charge?” when it comes to managing our overload, because often it feels like it isn’t really us. We feel stressed, frustrated, stuck, and quite often anxious and unempowered. We feel like we are no longer really in charge of our lives. And when we’re in that place, we can’t quite see a way out of it.

But there are always options and choices that can be made, even when they are simply buried under the clutter of rushing and firefighting and we can’t see them. They are just waiting for us to take a step back, create some head space and let them appear. Sometimes our gut already has a pretty good sense of what these options could be. Other times, taking a pen to paper and letting our creativity flow can produce some remarkable possibilities we hadn’t thought of before.

So perhaps set yourself an intention for 2022 to interrupt the overload every now and again, take a step back and consider the hidden possibilities that are never very far away. And who knows what surprising and unexpected place they might take you!

If you find it difficult to do this on your own or you would like the support of others, this 3-month group program starting in March can be a good framework to do the work in. Details are here in case you’re interested:

Wishing you a choiceful and clutter-free year,