The Information Overload Research Group is going to cease operations at the end of 2023

It is with great regret that the IORG Steering Team is announcing that the Information Overload Research Group is going to cease operation.

IORG was conceived at the “Infomania Workshop” convened in Redmond in January 2007, where key thinkers in Information Overload space spent two days discussing the problem and what we can do about it. We incorporated IORG as a non-profit in mid-2007, and publicly launched it at what became our first IORG event in New York City soon thereafter.

Since then, IORG has brought together academics, consultants, industry practitioners, and solution developers in a series of conferences and events, some face-to-face, others virtual. We shared knowledge on Information Overload through our website, LinkedIn group, and webinars. We made personal connections, built collaborations, and found lasting friendships. We believe that we inspired and encouraged people to improve their lives by helping address their Information Overload-specific issues and dispatched a number of acolytes to help others do so as well.

So why are we shutting down? Simply put, it’s because the world has changed. What had been an esoteric field of action has gone mainstream. The landscape is brimming with activity in our field, much of it better positioned and funded than we can possibly be, and much of it eminently accessible to all. As a result, our engagement with our potential audience has gone down, and the IORG Steering Committee cannot justify the efforts required from our team (all volunteers, as always) to overcome this.

IORG operations will cease by the end of this year at the very latest.
The website has been archived and will shut down, and the LinkedIn group will revert to its previous status under the aegis of IORG co-founder Jonathan Spira.
However, the rich lineup of videos on our YouTube channel will remain available into the foreseeable future.

It’s been a long and fascinating journey, but all good things must come to an end.

We thank you all for your support along this journey, and wish you happy, balanced, and Information Overload-free lives!

The Information Overload Research Group