The impact of psychological occupational strains on Engineering Managers stress feeling – a test of the JDC model

Resource Author:  Thomas Rachfall, Dirk Förster-Trallo, Bruce M. Wood, Mary Maclachlan, D.K. Harrison
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An extensive literature review on the topic of physical and psychological strain experienced by engineering managers (EMs’) revealed a significant gap in understanding the impact of occupational strain on EMs’. This research closes the existing gap by analyzing the impact of psychological occupational strains on EMs’ stress feeling. Based on Karaseks’ Job demand – Job control model, a research project with 153 German EMs’ was conducted. Therefore, a modified version of the Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire was used to identify relevant strains for EMs’ and to evaluate their impact on EMs’ stress feeling. The research found out that meaning of work, demands for hidings emotions, emotional demands as well as the possibility for development mainly affect EMs’ stress feeling. Furthermore, this contribution compares these insights with the status quo of occupational strain load for EMs’.