Dealing with Health Information Overload

Resource Author:  Catherine Weathers
Resource Date:  09/25/2015
Resource Name:  consumerreports
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Does the endless stream of articles telling you of new and alarming risks to your health have you feeling anxious? Consider just a few of the latest: Common pain relievers raise your risk for heart attacks. Sitting too much can make you more likely to develop cancer. Drinking even one soda per day boosts your chance of diabetes.

Medical research is essential for helping us learn more about the likelihood of disease and how to reduce those risks. But with so much health and medical news blaring at us from websites, newspapers, TV, Twitter, and our doctors, it’s almost impossible to make sense of it all. And sometimes the risks are overdramatized or misstated—or don’t apply to all of us. As a result, you may experience needless anxiety, undergo procedures or take medications you don’t need, and skip steps that would really benefit you.