How to save time and cut through the clutter in your inbox

Resource Author:  Renae Scott
Resource Date:  10/26/2015
Resource Name:  Fortune
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I believe that businesses should be ‘data-driven,’ however, I would argue that information overload is a threat to effective leadership. You can have too much of a good thing, and data is no exception. I can’t use the overwhelming majority of data reports that land in my inbox. Moreover, distinguishing between data and “data” – the sales pitch masquerading as research – has saved me from hours of wasted time and distractions. Twenty years ago, businesspeople soaked up data because it was rare and precious. At most, we received a quarterly report on company performance. Data is now a daily tidal wave, but this came about gradually. Just as fish don’t realize they’re in water, we might not realize that we’re drowning in information.