8 Tips For Avoiding Information Overload

Date: 1/13/2017
Category: Online Publication
Tags: Information Overload,Technology,Tools
Source Author: Sarah DiGiulio
Source Date: 12/26/2016
Source Name: The Huffington Post
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If this isn’t the first article ― or Facebook post or tweet ― you’ve read today, you’re probably not alone. A 2015 poll showed workers report spending as many as 6.3 hours everyday just checking emails. And earlier this year, Facebook reported its users spend an average of 50 minutes everyday on its site, including the app and messaging app. If the numbers seem overwhelming, rest assured. Americans actually reported feel less overwhelmed by the amount of information coming their way this year than they did a decade ago, according to the latest Pew Research Center data. Approximately 20 percent of people reported feeling overwhelmed by “information overload” in a Pew survey reported earlier this month, compared with 27 percent reporting the same thing in a 2006 survey.

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