Clark Goolsby’s Energetic Collages Explore the Idea of Information Overload

Date: 12/12/2016
Category: Online Publication
Tags: Art,Information Overload,Tools
Source Author: Brock Brake
Source Date: 12/9/2016
Source Name: The Hundreds
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I first met mixed media artist Clark Goolsby as he was unpacking a box of work during an installation for a solo exhibition in San Francisco earlier this year. As a gallery working for an artist for the first time, this unwrapping procedure can be very intimate for both parties. Perhaps I’m only speaking for myself—but it’s emotional. Seeing these works for the first time that few have seen before, there is a special dialogue that takes place between artist and the gallery they are unveiling these works to. The explanation of the works from the artist’s point of view during these types of unveiling processes is what I live for as a gallerist and curator.

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