Fixation on Fake News Overshadows Waning Trust in Real Reporting

Date: 1/13/2017
Category: Blog Post
Tags: Facebook,news,politics,Social Networks,Technology
Source Author: John Herrman
Source Date: 11/18/2016
Source Name: New York Times
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Something is deeply wrong when the pope’s voice, reputation and influence can be borrowed by a source that describes itself as “a fantasy news site” to claim that he has endorsed a presidential candidate, and then be amplified, unchallenged, through a million individual shares. The attention paid to fake news since the election has focused largely on fabrications and outright lies, because they are indefensible, easy to identify and extraordinarily viral. Fake news is created by the kinds of people who, when asked, might call their work satire, or admit that they’re in it for the money or for the thrill of deception. Theirs is a behavior that can and should be shunned, and that Facebook is equipped, and maybe willing, to deal with.

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