How to Go About Renovating the Workplace and the Workday in 2019

Date: 4/23/2019
Category: Online Publication
Tags: Employee Empowerment / Employee Engagement,Flexitime / Flexible Hours,knowledge worker,Workplace
Source Author: Khiv Singh
Source Date: 3/7/2019
Source Name: Business 2 Community
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Technology has vastly changed all aspects of our lives, particularly the workplace. Web conferencing, Skype, the cloud, and even the introduction of virtual reality in the enterprise – the list of changes is significant. But there are other technological tools companies are beginning to use remodel the workplace and the notion of the workday, while improving productivity and employee satisfaction. In 2019, there are five changes in work as we know it that can better the workplace and which can be enabled by today’s digital workplace technology. First among them is that people should be allowed to work remotely. What are the remaining four changes, and how can technology enable them? Click the article link to find out.

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