Less is more in age of information overload

Date: 12/10/2016
Category: Online Publication
Tags: Information Overload,politics,Technology,Tools
Source Author: Kate Magee
Source Date: 11/10/2016
Source Name: Campaign Live
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Congratulations, then, to 18 Feet & Rising, the first UK ad agency to be certified as a B Corporation. What’s noteworthy is the shop and its shareholders have agreed to put positive social impact on an equal footing with pursuit of profit. It is not the only agency aiming to “do good”, but it is rare for one to be prepared to sacrifice money for principles. On page 19, the agency’s chief executive, Jonathan Trimble, explains how he is trying to resolve the inherent tension between being both a good corporate citizen and a tool of a capitalist society that relies on consumers buying more. He believes the answer is “less, better advertising”. I agree.

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