The impact of Information Overload on individual stress feelings of management accountants

Date: 3/11/2020
Category: Journal Article
Source Author: Thomas Rachfall, Dirk Forster-Trallo, Elizabeth A. Williamson, Bryan Temple
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Almost every knowledge worker can relate to feelings of Information Overload (IO) and as a result some knowledge worker feel stress as a result of IO. Thereby IO and stress have both various effects on individuals and organizations. Despite intensive research during the last decades the complex relationship of both scientific disciplines still lacks comprehensive research about their connections. This research presents therefore a conceptual framework to analyze this relationship. A case study approach has been conducted to examine the connection between IO and the effect on individual stress feelings of management accountants. The research found out that IO has an effect on stress. Furthermore the different causes, coping strategies and countermeasures in the environment of management accountants were analyzed. The contribution to the field of stress research is a better understanding of the IO concept and the impact of IO to stress.

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