The Impact Of Psychological Occupational Strain Load On Engineering Managers Decision Making Behaviour

Date: 3/11/2020
Category: Journal Article
Source Author: Dirk Forster-Trallo, Thomas Rachfall
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Executives, especially in the technical work environment, are influenced by different psychological strains at the workplace. The negative effects on health have been studied in recent years. Predominantly, the effects on physical well-being have been investigated and there are few studies on the effects of chronic psychological strains on information processing and decision-making behaviour. This paper presents the results of a study that examined the decision-making behaviour of 53 engineering managers. The participants can be divided into three groups according to their chronic psychological occupational strain load (high, medium, low). The decision-making behaviour of the participants was investigated using a quasi-experimental research design. It has been established that the decision-making behaviour at low or high loads is becoming increasingly extreme and unpredictable.

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