We May Be Collaborating Too Much

Date: 3/12/2019
Category: Online Publication
Tags: data,distractions,Information Overload,knowledge worker
Source Author: Khiv Singh
Source Date: 3/7/2019
Source Name: Datanami
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There’s no shortage of enterprise aptitude for digital collaboration tools. But in the midst of this digital collaboration arms race, are we helping or hurting overall workplace productivity and effectiveness? As organizations have placed an ever-increasing focus on adopting new technologies to aid collaboration and engineer a more responsive, real-time business, we’ve now reached a state of communication overload. Today corporate success hinges on intellectual capability, and productivity is dependent on cultivating a focused workplace that facilitates the synthesis of information, for value creation and innovation. To this end, employers must provide an employee experience that facilitates focused work—one that prioritizes attention management or mindfulness and not just the latest technology that is the “flavor of the month.” Via people analytics, organizations and work groups capture and study work patterns and analyze it to understand productivity trends and traps, thus eliminating collaboration overkill and improving the employee experience by minimizing stress and improving efficiency.

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