What Can We Do About our Teens’ Smartphone Addiction?

Date: 12/30/2017
Category: Blog Post
Tags: Information Overload,Smartphone,Stress
Source Author: Nathan Zeldes
Source Date: 12/30/2017
Source Name: Nathan Zeldes web site
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And now we hear of a study done in the US that links the alarming rise in teenage suicide and depression (we’re talking doubling rates between 2007 and 2015, for girls) – and the rise in Smartphone and social media use in the same period. Gen Z kids spend hours and hours on their smartphones – connected but physically alone. Evolution never planned for such a change to happen in less than a generation’s time. The outcome shows up in the research data: Teens who spend more time than average on screen activities are more likely to be unhappy, and those who spend more time than average on non-screen activities are more likely to be happy.

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