Your Anti-Work-from-Home Policy Is Costing You a Fortune

Date: 5/21/2019
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Tags: Khiv Singh,outsourcing,people analytics,productivity,work from home
Source Author: Khiv Singh
Source Date: 5/2/2019
Source Name: Your Anti-Work-from-Home Policy Is Costing You a Fortune
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While telecommuting and work-from-home options continue to be adopted by a large and growing percentage of employers, several have moved to reverse the trend of work-at-home employment, forcing employees back into corporate offices. Why do companies resist work from home? Many employers struggle with it because managers are unable to discern the productivity level of remote workers. Understanding how to optimize employee effort and output (productivity) is essential, and a new breed of analytics solutions called “people analytics” enables organizations to observe overall work trends and productivity of employees—whether they are in the office or working remotely.

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