Collaborative Overload

Resource Author:  Rob Cross
Resource Date:  07/01/2016
Resource Name:  stand alone
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Rob Cross offers a good description of collaborative overload (ref link included) and a diagnostic test.

During the 1990’s, organizations shifted from a functional-centric structure to a business process-centric structure. After completing difficult change management actions, benefits were harvested, e.g., reduced cycle time, decreased rework and improved customer satisfaction. Information overload can occur from individual actions during and outside of work as well as team activities. The cited references describe some root causes of collaboration overload and suggests remedies. The benefits from a business process-centric structure can be reduced by collaboration overload. It’s worth reading these materials to achieve your expectations from collaboration benefits. Marty B #IORGforum

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Input Information Complexity, Perceived Time Pressure, and Information Processing in GSS-based Work Groups: An Experimental Investigation Using a Decision Schema to Alleviate Information Overload Conditions

Resource Author:  Souren Paul, Derek L. Nazareth
Resource Date:  04/01/2010
Resource Name:  Decision Support Systems
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Collaboration technology enhances the ability of work groups to acquire and share large volumes of information within a short period. The processing of voluminous information is challenging and may lead to conditions of information overload. The issue of complexity of information processing in collaboration technology supported group work, and the mechanisms to overcome the information overload conditions have not received sufficient attention in the past. In this paper, we attempt to address this gap by building a theoretical model and validating it through a laboratory experiment. (more…)

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