How Smartphones are Harming our Children – and What to Do About It

Resource Author:  Nathan Zeldes
Resource Date:  2019-01-31
Resource Name:  Nathan Zeldes blog
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This post takes a look at the effect of smartphones on small children, 10 years and younger. Recent surveys show figures around 25% for children under 10 who have their own device, and these numbers are rising; the risks are severe, and span a wide range from damaged personality development to visual impairment.
The post goes beyond the risks and looks at some solutions, at the country, school, and personal level.

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The Poorer, Less Educated Americans Suffer From Information Overload – And the Rest Manage Just Fine

Resource Author:  Victoria Stark
Resource Date:  12/13/2016
Resource Name:  News Everyday
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The recently released report by the Pew Research Center indicates that the minority of Americans who admit that they have a difficult time managing internet-infused information overload have a lower socio-economic status than those who do. Their income bracket is lower, their financial status is less secure, and many of them do not have a college degree.

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‘Everything is a learning experience’: Many opportunities, resources available for families who home-school

Resource Author:  Lindsay Jones
Resource Date:  04/15/2016
Resource Name:  Southeast Missourian
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Ome Hayward began thinking about home-schooling her son before he was even born.

It’s not that she disapproved of traditional education, being a product of public schools herself, she says. It’s just something she felt would be good for Mateo, who is now 7. But when Hayward started looking into what would be required for such an undertaking, she quickly experienced information overload.

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Who don’t need no education?

Resource Author:  Chris Ross
Resource Date:  03/08/2016
Resource Name:  PM Live
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Contrary to popular belief, Pink Floyd’s hit Another Brick in the Wall is not about students rebelling against the education system. The ‘Wall’ is apparently the self-isolating barrier we build for ourselves over the course of our lifetimes – and the ‘Bricks’ are the people or events that make us turn inward and away from others. So what’s this got to do with pharma?

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Middle School Reading Lists 100 Years Ago vs. Today Show How Far American Educational Standards Have Declined

Resource Author:  Jason W. Stevens
Resource Name:  The Federalist Papers
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There’s a delightful and true saying, often attributed to Joseph Sobran, that in a hundred years, we’ve gone from teaching Latin and Greek in high school to teaching remedial English in college.

Now comes even more evidence of the steady decline of American educational standards. Last year, Annie Holmquist, a blogger for, discovered a 1908 curriculum manual in the Minnesota Historical Society archives that included detailed reading lists for various grade levels.

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