Coping With Information Overload

Resource Author:  Michelle Price
Resource Date:  01/09/2012
Resource Name:  Financial News
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Is your inbox groaning with hundreds of unread emails? Is your mobile phone constantly buzzing with alerts and updates? Do you feel anxious, overtired and unable to concentrate? If so, don’t worry. You are one of millions of people suffering from a perfectly normal condition: it’s called information overload.

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Being Wired or Being Tired: 10 Ways to Cope with Information Overload

Resource Author:  Sarah Houghton-Jan
Resource Date:  07/30/2008
Resource Name:  ariadne
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What is information overload? 27 instant messages. 4 text messages. 17 phone calls. 98 work emails. 52 personal emails. 76 email listserv messages. 14 social network messages. 127 social network status updates. 825 RSS feed updates. 30 pages from a book. 5 letters. 11 pieces of junk mail. 1 periodical issue. 3 hours of radio. 1 hour of television. That, my friends, is information overload.

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How Can We Cope with Information Overload?

Resource Author:  Steve Mollman
Resource Date:  02/03/2010
Resource Name:  CNN Tech
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Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of online content? You’re not alone. Keeping up to speed can be nearly impossible these days, with potentially hundreds or even thousands of daily postings competing for your attention from services like Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds.

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Social Media Users Grapple With Information Overload

Resource Author:  John Swartz
Resource Date:  02/02/2011
Resource Name:  USA Today
URL:   Link to Source Article or Site

Jose Huitron had just hit the digital wall. Toggling between Facebook, Google, Twitter and a handful of other online communities, he found it hard to keep up with a constant barrage of tweets, texts and instant messages.

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Aussie love affair with the web leads to info overload

Resource Author:  Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson
Resource Date:  3/24/2010
Resource Name:  news.com.au
URL:   Link to Source Article or Site

AUSTRALIA is one of the top 20 most well-connected internet using nations in the world, and ranks in the top 10 for use of social-networking websites. Of every 10 Australians, three have a Facebook profile, more than two use Twitter and one logs on to MySpace.

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Why We Don’t Care About Information Overload

Resource Author:  Tom Davenport
Resource Date:  12/8/2009
Resource Name:  Harvard Business Review
URL:   Link to Source Article or Site

I gave a presentation this week on decision-making, and someone in the audience asked me if I thought information overload was an impediment to effective decision-making. “Information overload…yes, I remember that concept. But no one cares about it anymore,” I replied. In fact, nobody ever did.

But why not? We’ve been reading articles in the press about information overload being the bane of productivity for almost twenty years

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