Are you drowning in a tide of digital data?

Resource Author:  Archana Venkatraman
Resource Date:  4/1/2010
Resource Name:  Personal ComputerWorld
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What has information overload done to us? asks the latest  Microsoft Bing’s ad taking on search engine giant Google.

Leaving aside Bing’s desperate bid to attract users, the tongue-in-cheek ad highlights an important internet distress – data superabundance. Actually, make that digital data superabundance. And that’s as far as Microsoft goes – it has identified a problem. Surely Bing isn’t the answer to information overload. Is it?

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Getting Organized in the Google Era: How to Get Stuff Out of Your Head, Find It When You Need It, and Get It Done Right

Resource Author:  Douglas C. Merrill and James A. Martin
Resource Date:  1/1/2010
Resource Name:  Broadway Books
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Author is former Google CIO

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The review: Grappling with the myth of multi-tasking

Resource Author:  Richard Evans
Resource Date:  4/11/2010
Resource Name:  LA Times
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Executives everywhere struggle with the mass of responsibilities, projects, reports and meetings that add up to information overload. The only option, they reason, is to multi-task. There is just one problem with that approach, writes Douglas Merrill, former chief information officer at Google – it doesn’t work.

With a PhD in psychology and cognitive sciences from Princeton University, Merrill has the credentials to tell us how the brain functions in a stressful business environment and how to organise our thought processes for success. “Multi-tasking usually makes you less efficient,” he writes, because “the brain is especially inept at memorising bits of information”.

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