Information Overload

How to Overcome Information Overload: Complete Guide 101

Resource Author:  IvyPanda
Resource Date:  2021-05-21
Resource Name:  IvyPanda blog
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A detailed guide to to causes, manifestations and solutions to Information Overload.

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A Theoretical Conversation about Responses to Information Overload

Resource Author:  Amanda Lehman and Sophie Jo Miller
Resource Date:  2020-07-28
Resource Name:  MDPI
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In this study, information overload is viewed through the lenses of Library & Information
Science and Communication Theory in order to oer recommended solutions for individuals
experiencing overload. The purpose of this research was to apply LIS and COMM theories to the
pathologies and symptoms of information overload as experienced by individuals in an increasingly
digital world. Extant survey work was reviewed and updated with literature collected through
limited keyword searches.

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Avoiding Information Overload to Cope with Stress and Anxiety During a Pandemic

Resource Author:  Russ Barton
Resource Date:  2020-07-20
Resource Name:  Ask the Scientists blog
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COVID-19—the disease caused by the novel coronavirus—and the information overload it has caused, has increased worldwide levels of stress and anxiety. This article reviews the problem and what people can do about it.

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The effects of information overload on online conversation dynamics

Resource Author:  Chathika Gunaratne et al.
Resource Date:  2020-07-15
Resource Name:  Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory (2020)
URL:   Link to Source Article or Site

The inhibiting effects of information overload on the behavior of online social media users, can affect the population-level characteristics of information dissemination through online conversations. The article introduces a mechanistic, agent-based model of information overload and investigates the effects of information overload threshold and rate of information loss on observed online phenomena.

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Overload: How Good Jobs Went Bad and What We Can Do about It

Resource Author:  Erin Kelly
Resource Date:  2020-03-12
Resource Name:  Amazon
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The book investigates work redesign strategies to address burnout, overload, and turnover and is based on a major field experiment in a Fortune 500 firm.

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Information Overload and Infodemic in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Resource Author:  Farooq Azam Rathore and Fareeha Farooq
Resource Date:  2020-05-01
Resource Name:  Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association
URL:   Link to Source Article or Site

Information overload during the current COVID-19 pandemic has caused an “infodemic” in which false news,
conspiracy theories, magical cures and racist news are being shared at an alarming rate, with the potential to
increase anxiety and stress and even lead to loss of life. This review highlights some of these challenges and
suggests general measures to avoid information overload and infodemic in the connected world of 21st century.

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Managing information overload in children

Resource Author:  Carolyne B. Atangaza
Resource Date:  2019-12-14
Resource Name:  Daily Monitor
URL:   Link to Source Article or Site

This short article has some thought provoking assertions about the impact of abundant unfiltered content on young children, like “What makes tablets and iPhones so great is the dozens of stimuli at your fingertips, and the ability to process multiple actions simultaneously. This is exactly what young brains do not need.”

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Smartphones and our information overload

Resource Author:  CBS
Resource Date:  2018-04-01
Resource Name:  CBS News
URL:   Link to Source Article or Site

The internet, and the ever-present smartphones from which we cannot detach ourselves, are changing the ways we relate to technology – and, at the same time, changing the way we use our brains. Senior Contributor Ted Koppel talks with technology critic Nicholas Carr, software developer Justin Rosenstein, “media psychologist” Byron Reeves, and Sen. Mark Warner about how the internet and social media have become weaponized, and how it is our attention spans that are being targeted.

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How To Better Manage Information Overload In The Workplace

Resource Author:  Sébastien Ricard
Resource Date:  2019-11-04
Resource Name:  Forbes
URL:   Link to Source Article or Site

A CEO gives his take on information overload and how he mitigates it in his company.

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Our Shrinking Attention Span and What to Do About It

Resource Author:  Nathan Zeldes
Resource Date:  2019-11-28
Resource Name:  Nathan Zeldes's blog
URL:   Link to Source Article or Site

It is no secret that the attention span of today’s people is embarrassingly short. This post discusses some of the implications for all of us – as individuals, as employees, as managers, and as parents.

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