Information Overload

IL2009: Information Overload is the Devil

Resource Author:  Sarah Houghton-Jan
Resource Date:  10/28/2009
Resource Name:  Librarian in Black
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This was a shared session, and my half was about dealing with information overload – which is the devil.  I stand by that assertion.  I also stand by my assertion that information overload does indeed exist.  Anyone who says it’s a myth clearly isn’t as busy as the rest of us, or hasn’t studied the history of information overload over the last century’s progress, and/or simply hasn’t invited enough inputs into his or her life to know what it’s like to want to cry when you open your feed reader or inbox.

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Coping With Data Overload

Resource Author:  Ed Sperling
Resource Date:  12/29/2008
Resource Name:  Forbes
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There is real value in having data, but only if it’s organized. It’s that simple. I love having a big garage, but it doesn’t help if I can’t find the tool I’m looking for and I have to go to Home Depot and buy the same thing again. It’s the same with data. Over the next four years, we’re going to have 10 times more information. CIOs will be struggling to get value out of it.

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The great, always-on information tap

Resource Date:  1/1/2010
Resource Name:  BBC
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As we enter a new decade with its fresh agendas and challenges, it feels more important than ever to know who we can trust to keep us well-informed. Bombarded with information by all kinds of new and traditional media, how are we to evaluate the available evidence, let alone decide which way we will vote?

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Can Humans Cope with Information Overload?

Resource Author:  Andrew Thierer
Resource Date:  8./23/2009
Resource Name:  The Technology Liberation Front
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I recently finished Tyler Cowen’s latest book, Create Your Own Economy: The Path to Prosperity in a Disordered World. Like everything he writes, this book is worth reading and it will be of interest to those who follow technology policy debates since Cowen makes a passionate case for “Internet optimism” in the face of recent criticisms of the Internet and the Information Age in general.

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US spy agencies face information overload

Resource Date:  1/7/2010
Resource Name:  AFP
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US intelligence officials, under pressure to better track terrorist threats, are hampered by their own vast bureaucracy and an overwhelming flow of information, analysts say.

President Barack Obama “has now discovered that he’s inherited an intelligence community in the United States which is bloated, bureaucratic and even with the best of intentions has become so large it finds it very hard to put together the pieces,” Bruce Riedel, a former CIA officer, told AFP.

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Drowning in Information? You’re Not Alone

Resource Author:  Jonathan B. Spira
Resource Date:  8/11/2009
Resource Name:  Huffington Post
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“Celebrate” Information Overload Awareness Day: August 12

The Information Age has brought with it many advances which have become part of everyday life, including the Web and mobile phones, not to mention e-mail, text and instant messaging, and social networks. While there are many benefits to having these tools and modes of communication, they also bring with them a costly side effect: the problem of information overload.

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