Our Shrinking Attention Span and What to Do About It

Resource Author:  Nathan Zeldes
Resource Date:  2019-11-28
Resource Name:  Nathan Zeldes's blog
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It is no secret that the attention span of today’s people is embarrassingly short. This post discusses some of the implications for all of us – as individuals, as employees, as managers, and as parents.

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Doodle State of Meetings Report

Resource Author:  Doodle
Resource Date:  2019-01-01
Resource Name:  Doodle
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Pointless meetings will cost companies $541bn in 2019.

Read about it n Doodle’s “State of Meetings Report”

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Colouring Books To Help You Improve Performance

Resource Author:  Dr. Monica Seeley
Resource Date:  06/03/2016
Resource Name:  Mesmo blog
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Drawing and colouring can on the one hand help us relax and on the other rev up our creative juices. Useful in a meeting/lecture where either you want to tune out as it’s boring or the reverse because you have an idea to contribute and need to crystallise it before speaking.

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