A Class to Teach You How to Use Google

Resource Author:  Claire Cain Miller
Resource Date:  09/11/2012
Resource Name:  The New York Times
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Think you know how to use Google? Think again.

One of the search engine’s biggest strengths is its simplicity — type anything into the search box and you’re off. But people could get a lot more out of Google, the company says, if they learned a few expert techniques, like searching by color, time or image. So Google is offering a free online course to teach search skills.

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Are you drowning in a tide of digital data?

Resource Author:  Archana Venkatraman
Resource Date:  4/1/2010
Resource Name:  Personal ComputerWorld
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What has information overload done to us? asks the latest  Microsoft Bing’s ad taking on search engine giant Google.

Leaving aside Bing’s desperate bid to attract users, the tongue-in-cheek ad highlights an important internet distress – data superabundance. Actually, make that digital data superabundance. And that’s as far as Microsoft goes – it has identified a problem. Surely Bing isn’t the answer to information overload. Is it?

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