The 21 Biggest Data Breaches of the 21st Century

Resource Date:  2019-02-26
Resource Name:  Email Overload Solutions
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Today, one of the biggest security issues faced by companies from around the world is the danger of a data breach. Data Breach protective measures are as important as they have ever been.
A data breach takes place when a cyber criminal infiltrates a data source in order to obtain highly classified data.

Read on to view an Infographic of the 21 Biggest Data Breaches of the 21st Century (To Date!).….

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Extreme Vetting Will Require Smarter Data, DHS Expert Says

Resource Author:  Eleanor Lamb
Resource Date:  11/16/2016
Resource Name:  MeriTalk
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Extreme vetting will require better, smarter data, according to Donna Roy, executive director of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Information Sharing and Services Office (IS2O).

President-elect Donald Trump ran his campaign on the commitment to remove illegal Mexican residents and temporarily ban Muslims from entering the country. Extreme vetting policies would logically accompany these stringent immigration goals.

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Symantec Study Shows Consumers Suffer From Security Overload

Resource Author:  Steve Zurier
Resource Date:  11/16/2016
Resource Name:  Dark Reading
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New survey finds that consumers are overwhelmed by the need to protect their devices from cybercriminals.
First it was online-information overload. Now it’s security overload.

A new survey released today by Symantec found that while 79% of consumers know they must actively protect their information online, 44% felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data they are now responsible for protecting.

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CISOs face cyber security ‘solution overload’ challenges

Resource Author:  Sara Barker
Resource Date:  06/29/2016
Resource Name:  Security Brief NZ
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The Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology’s latest report, CISO Solution Fatigue – Overcoming the Challenges of Cybersecurity Solution Overload, suggests that solution overload is plaguing organisations who are finding it difficult to identify and manage not only the cyber threats, but the strategies and solutions needed to make their roles more effective.

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Why your Company Should Consider Banning Email

Resource Author:  Stephanie Vozza
Resource Date:  02/20/2015
Resource Name:  Fast Company
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The negative effect of email isn’t news. The average worker spends 28% of the workday on email, and the task increases stress levels. Limiting the number of times you check your inbox reduces stress, and taking breaks has been proven to improve focus.

So why aren’t more companies adopting email-free policies? That’s a question Scott Dockter, CEO of fulfillment company PBD Worldwide answered in 2006. He and his assistant were having a lengthy email conversation going back and forth until he realized the absurdity.

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Information Overload: Turning Security Intelligence Into Actionable Wisdom

Resource Author:  Spandas Lui
Resource Date:  11/10/2015
Resource Name:  Life Hacker
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Security professionals are often inundated with information. They would have to sort through and distill the information to come up with intelligence that would assist them in combating cyber security. Sieving through the wave of data is challenging enough. Being able to turn the intelligence into something useful for their organisations is even tougher.

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