Snapchat at 107 M.P.H.? Lawsuit Blames Teenager (and Snapchat)

Resource Author:  Katie Rogers
Resource Date:  05/03/2016
Resource Name:  New York Times
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Even in the age of social media, this particular selfie seemed extreme: a teenager strapped into a gurney, with blood running down her forehead, somehow taking the time to tap out a message to her Snapchat friends: “Lucky to be alive.”

The selfie quickly went viral and is a component of a lawsuit filed by a Georgia man accusing the teenager, Christal McGee, of recklessly using Snapchat while driving over 100 miles per hour and slamming into his vehicle last year, leaving him with severe injuries. He is also suing Snapchat, accusing the company of negligence.

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I’m 15 and Snapchat makes me feel awful about myself

Resource Author:  Ruby Karp
Resource Date:  10/20/2015
Resource Name:  Mashable
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You’re sitting in bed on a Saturday night, checking your phone. You go onto Snapchat to check your friends’ Snapchat stories. You find that not only your best friend, but all of your friends are at a party and didn’t invite you. You feel both sad and angry that you weren’t informed, and experience a sense of betrayal.

Welcome to the reality of missing out, and Snapchat is at the center of it.

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