Lele Terenzani

Steering Team Member IORG
Digital Sales Communication Leader, IBM

Born and raised in Udine (Italy, Friuli Venezia Giulia), Lele built up rich experience in media and communication, through his studies in public relations, music and marketing, as well as through working as apprentice journalist for a local newspaper and as camera operator for a local TV.

Joined IBM in 2009 in Bratislava part of the Finance service centre starting his career as incentive analysts. From his beginner position he first moved and achieved a professional technical specialization as expense and resources finance consolidator. Then he got interested in leadership getting into a role of team leader and then first line manager.

Working as professional and leading a team was all about communication that often in a corporate means e-mail. One day Lele got in touch with Luis Suarez, one of the pioneers of “No Email” communication and decided that it was the time to give it a try.

He became passionate for open business communication, and since 2013 he’s working out loud, sharing his days and interaction in the enterprise social business platform successfully keeping a healthy No Email style for sharing his messages.

He’s convinced that this is the way to make our work smarter and that social tools will be the main platform of our future and present communication.

Together with other IBMers he started showing the doors of this new amazing social world to his colleagues by sharing best practices, and starting a video series of tutorials called DrConnections for which he’s director, actor, editor and producer. DrConnections now reached thousands and thousands of viewers. Now DrConnections continues his videos (there are more than 40 episodes) and started one year ago a series of live talk shows called #drtalkshow engaging IBMers guest from all around the world to talk about social business and their stories.

Lele is a passionate video maker and creative designer able to plan, design, record and edit a video or making animations with the most used professional tools (Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop and In Design, Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion 5, Affinity Photo and Designer).

His communication style and his passions made possible a drastic job role change in 2016 from finance manager to Communication Leader for Digital Sales. Now his duties are spreading messages, communicating, informing, making videos and infographics, all of this of course, is not coming out from his inbox.

He currently lives in Slovakia, married with 2 little fellows and loves to pass his spare time cooking, reading, making videos and bothering the rest of the world with his ideas.